Welcome to Franciscan Care!

Hello there!

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to visit Franciscan Care at this place on the internet. We’re pleased to provide this site to you as a guide to all of the services that we offer to our customers. If you have any questions about our services or policies, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us about anything. You can find all of the information for getting a hold of us on our contact page.

Franciscan Goals

Here at our company, we strive to provide the best in both pet care and tree service to you. We’ve got a team of specialists who are standing by and are ready to take on your requests. We also provide guides for pets such as how to keep gecko healthy.

The Bottom Line

There is one thing that we want you as our clients to know. We want you to know that we care deeply about you and your pets. We want you to feel like we treat you as our own. This is particularly important to us because it is at the core of our values as a company. As a result, we do our best as a company to act according to these values.

What to Expect From Us

Nowadays, it is hard to know exactly what you are getting when it comes to tree and pet care. You don’t know right away that you will be getting a quality job or if your pet will be getting quality care. However, there are things that we hold dear to us that you can definitely count on. You can find out more about these things below!

Hardworking and Diligent Staff

Our staff here at Franciscan Care is one of the hardest working teams around. When it comes to dealing with trees, they will stay with it and see things through until the last branch is cut or the last tree is felled. We take pride in doing our very best and giving our utmost for your hard earned money.

Years of Expertise

In both the pet care and the tree department, our staff has decades of experience. With trees, they’ve seen just about everything, so you know that they’ll be able to handle any kind of order that you throw at them. Their expertise also means that you can count on precision and accuracy with the finished product.

The same goes for pets. With years of loving and caring for dogs, cats, and other pets, our team is ready to take in your pet while you take that much needed vacation. Your beloved animals are safe with us!

Competitive and Affordable Prices

We know that there is competition out there. However, we strive to make our prices and rates affordable for everybody so that you and your pet can have access to quality care and services.

We’re committed to having some of the lowest rates around, so if you see another company with a lower rate than ours for the same type of job, let us know and we will match it.

‘Round the Country

We’ve got lots of affiliated tree service companies around the country that we are pleased to call our friends. If you or someone you know lives in that area, be sure to check out these sites!

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