Tree Removal

One particular service that is our pride and joy here at Franciscan Care is our tree cutting and removal service. Any time that there is construction going on, there is a good chance that a tree removal is necessary.

It is difficult to do a proper removal because the roots can oftentimes be so tangled and burrowed in the ground that they can break off and stay in the ground during a forceful removal. However, here at Franciscan Care, we make sure that the removals are clean, fast, and done correctly. This ensures that any below ground construction, such as pipe or foundation laying, is done easily and without obstruction.

Below, you can find out about some of the removal services that we offer here. We also offer free estimates and consultations for existing customers, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to get the whole process started.


Safety Removal

Of course, we already discussed how construction is related to removal, but we haven’t yet talked about how you sometimes need to remove a tree for your safety.

If you live on a densely wooded property, there is a chance that you might have many trees close to your house. This is typically not a safety issue, but if the tree is at all damaged or diseased, you might risk having a tree fall on your house. This can cause damage to both you and your house.

Additionally, trees that are close to power lines also pose a risk of falling and damaging those lines. The issue with this is that it is very easy to start electrical fires this way.

Our experts here at Franciscan have been trained to spot out trees that are potentially harmful in this manner. They’ll be able to identify the problem trees and take them out so that you can feel safer and breathe more easily.